May 26, 2017

What's new with Port

Tim Raybould

Note: I sent this update to all Port users yesterday. If you haven't already signed up to check it out, I'd encourage you to do so at You'll get an update like this in your inbox every couple of months.

What's new.

Fully redesigned admin. Log in and check it out; I think you're going to love it. The new UI is much easier to navigate and will get you selling and redeeming even more efficiently than before -- from either phone or laptop.​

Faster, better buying experience. When you embed Port into your site, you're trusting us to make you look good and help you convert the sale. We take that responsibility seriously and have spent lots of time improving the speed (the overlay now opens almost instantly!), reliability, typography, colors, and animations as we iterate toward a better and better buying experience.

Multi-redeem! You can now sell multiple products under one access code and redeem them one at a time as access is granted. Here's our help center article about it. Stay tuned for a lot more in the area of flexible ticketing coming soon.

Lower fee for high $ orders. Our 4.5% standard fee now drops to 3.0% for orders $500 and more. It costs us less (as a %) to process high dollar orders so now it costs you less too.

Absorb the fee. The Port fee is still paid by the buyer by default, but now you have the choice to absorb the fee yourself instead of passing it on. If you can afford it, do it; we think the no-fee ticket purchase really makes buyers smile. Find that feature in your account settings.

New homepage and blog. We're getting a little better at describing Port and its differences and benefits; hope you like the new homepage. Also check out our first blog post: Why our fee is 4.5%. There's a real reason why our fee is lower than most ticketing solutions.

What's next.

Prime Time. We have our sights set on a big feature release this spring which will bring discount codes, registration questions, and a host of innovative flexible ticketing features that allow you to shape Port to your own custom admission scenario. Internally, we've been calling this "prime time" and we're really excited about showing it to you soon.


Port is still just 4.5% including credit card processing. We remain committed to building you a first class tool for selling admission without the downsides of going through one of those "marketplace" middlemen.

Tim Raybould

Port is the simplest way to create and sell passes to anything