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Port helps event creators avoid high fees charged by sites like Eventbrite.

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One simple fee

Many Eventbrite users have learned just how expensive and complex ticketing fees can be. Port's fee is much simpler. At only 4.5% of the ticket value you can accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover without any additional or complex fees. Ever.

+ no additional fees whatsoever
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Sell where you want

Some people hate sending their customers somewhere else to buy tickets. Port allows you to promote your events and sell tickets wherever you decide. Sell from your Facebook page, or from your own website. Just copy and paste our code snippet and start selling. Go ahead, click the button and try it out!

Pass on fees to your buyer, or not

Eventbrite's excessive fees were raising the costs of attending our customers' events. Then they switched to Port. Our fee is only 4.5% of the sale. That's only $0.90 on a $20 ticket! You can choose to pass these fees on to your buyers, or pay them yourself. 


Check-in your attendees

Hate downloading additional software just to check people into your events? Port makes check-in simple for you and your attendees. Easily check people in by name or access code from any device. No downloads necessary.

Get paid weekly

Many of our former Eventbrite users hated waiting until events ended to receive their money. So, we worked to make getting paid much less painful. With Port, you receive the money from your ticket sales every week. These weekly payments are direct-deposited into a bank account of your choosing.

Common Concerns.

I already have my event on Eventbrite.

Many of our customers are former Eventbrite users. You could always keep selling on Eventbrite while selling tickets from your own site with Port. This gives you a chance to try us out before making the full switch. 

I don't have a website.

No website? No worries. You could link directly to our checkout flow from any Facebook page. Or, you could create an event page using one of the many free website builders available and put your Port button there. 

I don't have a PayPal or Stripe account.

Don't worry, you won't need them. You won't have to connect a third-party payment processor like Stripe or PayPal. Using Port will allow you to process credit card payments right out of the box.
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Sell from your site. Avoid high fees. Get paid weekly.

Other cool things you can do with Port

Port is an admission tool built to be flexible. Here are few ways you can customize it.

Embed event registration and ticketing entirely on your own website with no redirects
Leverage Apple Pay in the browser to allow quick, seamless, customer checkouts
Sell multiple tickets with a single, embeddable Buy Tickets button
Create Early Bird tickets
Sell tickets across your website with multiple buttons that trigger a shopping cart experience
Create group/family packs
Sell a multi-redeemable ticket 
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Affordable for you and your buyers

On a $20 ticket, Eventbrite's fees are 121% higher than Port's

no additional fees whatsoever
And you can pass the fee on to your buyers, making Port FREE for you