but only 3% on orders of $500 and more

That's it. No other fees whatsoever. Also, unlike payment processing tools, Port's fee can be added to your buyers' purchases, making Port entirely free for you.
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Example fee on a $20 ticket...

Compare Port's fee to others'

only 2¢ less
(and you can't pass the fee on)

A basic payment processor, built to do that and only that.

  • No admission or redemption features
  • Can't separate fee from the ticket price
  • Buttons redirect buyers away from your website - hurting conversion
  • Poor checkout experience

A flexible tool built specifically for admission and centered around selling from any website.

  • Create embeddable Buy Tickets buttons for your website
  • Use the uncomplicated and flexible structure of Products to create custom admission scenarios
  • Easily integrate with your favorite tools for more power and customizability
121% more

A comprehensive events platform and marketplace offering a one-size-fits-all template.

  • Your buyers get signed up for marketplace spam
  • You pay more for "discovery" that doesn't work
  • Widgets redirect you away from your website - hurting conversion

Common questions

How does this work?

1. Sign up for a free account
2. Create your first product
3. Copy the button code we give you and paste it into your site
4. Start selling!

We created a short video if you want to see it action.

What if I don’t have a website?

If you don’t have your own website, you have a couple of options. First, determine where your ticket buyers spend most of their time on the internet. If you think they will want to look at an event page, you can create one using a free website builder and put the Port button there. If you think they are mostly on Facebook, you can link directly to the Port checkout flow from your company’s event page. If you think they are elsewhere on the web, get in touch and we can recommend some options for you. Finally, you can always send people directly to the start of the Port checkout flow, but they might want to read more information about your event before they commit to buying anything.

What are your fees?

Port's fee is 4.5% of the order, and this includes credit card processing. When a buyer's order totals $500 or more, Port's fee is only 3% total, on that individual order. And, we charge no fees for refunds and no chargeback fee.

Who pays the fee?

It's up to you! By default, this fee is paid by the buyer, on top of what you set as the price. This means you collect exactly what you’ve set as the price and buyers aren’t stuck with hidden per ticket fees. However, if you'd prefer to absorb the fee yourself, you can easily turn this feature on in your Account Settings.

Why is the fee less for orders of $500 and more?

It's pretty simple actually. It costs us less to process a high dollar order, so, it costs you (or your buyers) less too.

Are there any contracts?

No. We don’t like contracts either.

Do I need to connect a payment processor?

Nope! Port's fee includes credit card processing. There is no need to connect a 3rd party payment processor.

When and how do I get paid?

All payments are scheduled to go out once a week, based on sales for the previous week. All payments are sent out through direct deposit to the account listed.

Is it safe to post your code on my site?

Yes, all transactions through Port are secure. We are PCI compliant and use TLS encryption for all transactions. If you would like to double check Port at anytime, you can open the iframe in a new window. The iframe will always show as a secure URL (https://).

Will you email my customers?

We will email them one time to send them their admission codes for your event along with an order receipt.

How is this different from other ticketing companies, e.g. Eventbrite?

You'll notice a big difference as soon as you sign-up. With Port, there are no event pages, so there is no template to fill out. You simply create the tickets you want to sell (we call them "products") and we give you a button that you put on your website to sell them. The whole buying experience happens on your site and when you spread the word about your event, you send people to your website, not someone else's.

Need more help?

Your question not answered here? Check out our help center. Or, use the chat box in the corner and ask us anything!