Unmatched flexibility

Port is a simple admission tool capable of not-so-simple admission things. You can create basic products and embed simple buttons to sell admission from any website. Get more creative and combine your products into Packs for unparalleled power and customizability.


Things you can do with Port

Traditional Event Platforms may tout their extensive list of "features", but you need to fit your scenario to their restrictive template. Every single thing about Port was built to be flexible and customizable so it can be used in a lot of ways. And we mean a lot.

Embed your Buy Tickets buttons on the web’s best and most popular website builders
Sell a single ticket with a single, embeddable Buy Tickets button
Sell multiple tickets with a single, embeddable Buy Tickets button
Sell tickets across your website with multiple buttons that trigger a shopping cart experience
Sell tickets from Facebook Events
Leverage Apple Pay to allow quick, seamless, customer checkouts
Create a multi-day and multi-location pass by using Packs
Customizable order confirmation and other buyer emails
Create a group/family pack by using Packs
Redeem admission at the door from any device by code or by name
Sell a multi-redeemable ticket using Packs
Create hidden products and send them directly to customers to purchase, for things like reserved tickets
Comp and send an already purchased ticket directly to someone using a hidden Pack
Create Early Bird tickets using Packs
Refund a buyer’s individual ticket, their entire order, offer partial refunds, & have full-control over invalidations
Track your weekly disbursements leading up to your event and always know when you’ll get paid
Easily export your data to CSV for transactions, tokens, and attendees.
Test your Port button in demo mode to process test payments
Set up a simple, free registration list
Create a team, with separate logins, to leverage others and share tasks and responsibilities
Monitor registration and sales with notification emails
Limit availability so you never oversell and keep things manageable
Save your customers from spam - they’re your customers, not ours, and we promise to never email them
Integrate with your favorite tools via Zapier

Some things we're working on

Custom checkout rules made up of triggers and actions (such as smart discounts)
Registration questions + external survey tool integrations
More powerful reporting
Custom validity fields on products for more powerful check-ins

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